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Why yes lookie that precious little face!  I've been waiting forever it seems for him to show up but here he is and Hoshi is delighted to finally have his bf/bff here!  With that said I've decided to ditch LJ.  Frankly I don't post often on here and as I've been checking over the last few months I think only like 2 people on my friends list even update on a regular.  Who knows if anyone else even looks at this site now days.  So my photos will be posted on my dA page and scraps and photostories *including Tea's arrival* will be posted on my tumblr.

See you guys on the flip side!  PS if you wanna read Tea's arrival story directly go here.
23rd-Nov-2013 12:23 pm(no subject)
I disappear for months and come back with this...would you honestly expect anything less of me 8D merry early christmas Trei!  He's a little overwhelmed with a star shaped donut...he didn't know which point to go after first.
28th-Aug-2013 12:37 pm(no subject)
I want to say I have more from this photoshoot...technically I do but uhhhh....we'll think about those later ~_~ I have so much to upload.

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26th-Aug-2013 12:02 am - ...hmmmm
I'm starting to remember why I got out of the community aspect of this hobby...its so goddamn infuriating.  Of course thats true for any community but still -.-
14th-May-2013 01:23 am(no subject)
These are the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen... T__T too bad I can't justify spending $50 plus shipping on them...
21st-Apr-2013 01:39 am(no subject)
XD What happened to the days when I went to this kind of effort to make sure my dolls were strung well.  I wonder if Hoshi is still that bendy...

don't mind me, just going through old photos

20th-Apr-2013 01:08 am(no subject)
Trei is still Trei afterall X3
15th-Apr-2013 07:54 pm(no subject)
Generally speaking I try to keep my emotions inside, but hearing about the bombs in boston....theres honestly nothing I can even say.  I'm literally crying right now and I don't cry easily for others.  I can't even say I have close friends or family up there or that I know someone who was injured.  My friend's family usually runs the marathon but fortunately they decided not to go this year.  I'm seriously praying and sending my love to the people who may have been hurt or know someone who was even just there.
15th-Apr-2013 12:33 pm - To Wonderland!
My attention doesn't stay on one doll very long.  This is why we can call me at least half decent as an owner XD I give em all equal love...................sorta.  ANYWHO!  Originally meant for easter but I missed posting.  Yesh I found a hoshi sized tree XD
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14th-Apr-2013 07:39 pm(no subject)
*wetsself*  T__T Trei...I missed you so much....he's been super floppy since September and after I started his mods I was without him gracing my dresser for a week while I waited for a moment to paint him.  Again...don't ask about those eyes...all I know is that eventually I'm going to need to redo his face up but for now I'm just happy to have him in one piece again.
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